Use of tripled keywords is essential in Video SEO

Use of tripled keywords in Video SEO

First of all, you need to know what tripled keywords are? What tripled keywords, their importance is, and how much they help in ranking your video.

Triple keywords are your primary keywords used in the three most important places in the video.

Title of the video

Description of the video 

Tags of the video

Tripled Keywords

Use of tripled keywords in Video SEO

tripled keywords youtube

Where can we use our focus keyword inside the video?

1- use focus keyword in your video title and  keyword research                        b
 Do you know why it is essential to use primary keywords in video titles?
The youtube video title is the first thing to note for humans and also search engines. If you use a compelling title that includes your primary keyword, it will be attractive to both people and search engines because search engines value metadata. The first Google crawler visits your Title.

How to viral Youtube videos with the help of a Video title?

According to the website, the most crucial part of any article is its headline, just as video SEO's essential role is the video's title. It is not possible to disagree that the most crucial part of the video is the video itself, but now that we are talking about SEO, we have to accept that the search engine should give importance to the Title first.
Each video on YouTube has a separate page and a unique URL. Here too, the SEO works just like a website. The footage here becomes the title tag; the description of the video acts as a meta description.

Role of Youtube description in SEO

Assume your video is a store; what basic cuts are needed to run a store. First of all, the quality of the store's things should be the highest, just like the YouTube video quality should be very high. Available items should be displayed in an orderly and beautiful way.
Similarly, your video should be edited relatively and professionally. Shop promotion should be done so that people know your shop as much as possible Like your video should be shared on various social platforms so that people know about its presence.
Video metadata contains essential information about the video. The video metadata tells what content is in the video, its director, and its video. All search engines read the same metadata, and This is a crucial way to rank a video.
There is no denying the importance of metadata; metadata is an integral part of any video. To rank on any video hosting site, you need to update the video metadata if you do not Can't top the rankings.
Metadata consists of video titles, tags, descriptions, keywords, closures, transcriptions. By the way, voice SEO is also an essential factor now, but we do not count it in the metadata. Both video metadata and web page metadata are significant for online content creators.

Essentials for the video title:

  • Avoid unnecessary words and write the Title in an understandable language that even a common man can understand.
  •   Which is the 
  • Legal title length?
  • You answer that YouTube allows space for 100 original words, including area. Do not keep your tags longer than 70 characters, and keep in mind that these characters include rooms. Now find out why search engines do not display more than 70 words on their results page, so if you want your Title to be evident in search engines, limit your Title to 70 words. Try to have your primary keyword at the very beginning of the Title.

how to get 7x more views on YouTube hack with the  metadata on the video

First, find the video keyword for your Title. Now you will ask how to find the video keyword? If you want to see any keyword, search it in Google search.
If the first result is a news site, then the keyword is related to the news. If the video is associated with the video, like how to keyword is used for most videos. Below is s
Below are some valuable 
tips which will be 
extremely helpful in video ranking


  1. Name your video file on your primary keyword.
  2. Use your keywords naturally in your titles.
  3. Write your description better and use your keyword at the beginning of the story.
  4. Always target long-tail keywords(keyword phrases) because there are less competition and higher ranking.
  5. In addition to your keywords, use more keywords related to your content.
  6. Always use custom thumbnails for your videos and make SEO(search engine optimization) for your thumbnails' image mandatory.
  7. Answer questions on Quora related to the content of your video. This will give you relevant traffic to your video. Another source of traffic is Pinterest. Post thumbnails of your videos on Pinterest.
  8. Using your focused search terms in the Title.
  9. keyword at Title Starting
  10. Because all search engines value the words used at the beginning of the Title.
  11. use triple keyword formula means your primary turms in Start of Title, use keyword in the first three lines of description and your first tag is your keyword
  12. Use your keyword in Your Thumbnail, also name your Thumbnail file to the main keyword.
  13. Use your keyword in video audio more than three times.
  14. Use # tags in the video description; use Three important keywords with # tags.
  15. Use more LSI Keywords in your description and video tags because Google loves it.      

  16. Best Tags for Youtube video

  17. best tags for youtube videos

Video SEO:on-page video optimization and best tags for Youtube videos (video metadata)

Here you learn how to optimize your most important video tags
1 video title page SEO 
2 video description SEO
3 video tags SEO
4 Video image(thumbnail) SEO

video title page SEO :

Umm, the Title of the video must be a summary of your video. The Title of your video describes the video's contact and offers a solution to the user's problem. If you make a video about your focus keyword and it contains an answer to a question related to your niche, then it will be useful for people. End your video in such a way that people will comment on it, for example.

But at the end of the video, you can say if your question was solved with this video. Please comment in the comments section. Or you can say that if you have any other questions, please comment. The solution will be explained.
That is, end the video in such a way that the user is forced to comment on your video.
YouTube's algorithm values ​​keywords. You want to use your keywords according to your titles and descriptions, according to YouTube. But they should not be used unnecessarily, but keywords should be used very naturally in your content. According to a study, more than 90 % of titles in classified videos must include keywords.

Limit of total characters in the Video title:

As I said before, YouTube gives us a limit of 100 characters, but your Title should not exceed 70 characters from an SEO point of view. And these 70 characters include the space given by the space bar on the keyboard that we provide between each character.
Video is ranking is essential; any digital strategy .search volume is high, competition is lower; they can help more extensive SEO efforts. Search engines utilize complex methods to make those positions.
It requires hours and also a lot of caffeine to dip deeply into those calculations. But always focus on what Youtube officials say; they ask to limit your Title to 60 to 7o characters.

video description SEO

Video descriptions are also a part of the metadata. It helps YouTube search engines find video content, making it easier for search engines to understand video content.

Why Is Your video Description Important in video SEO?

According to the YouTube Creator Academy, a wealth of information reaches others through video descriptions and retrieving it helps rank your video. A well-written story that uses keywords appropriately helps rate your video.

Here are some helpful tips for your video description

1-Cover your video in a very natural way using your keywords in the story. Avoid unnecessary words and unnatural use of keywords.
2- Use your keywords in the first two lines of the description because YouTube values the narrative's beginning.
3-Use your primary keyword in your description and title, and the first tag of your video should be your primary keyword, and that's the triple keyword formula. The popular Chrome extension        VidIQ uses the same procedure for video ranking.

triple keywords formula 
(Title+main keyword)+ (description +main keyword )+(tags +first tag your primary keywords)



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