Top 10 pdf submission sites with do-follow backlinks

Top 10 pdf submission locations with do-follow backlinks

Come along with a new post. You will ask why your post is essential for us? You will want traffic to your uploaded video or article. So PDF submission sites not only generate traffic for your video or article, but they also create backlinks to your site.

Pdf sharing sites improves the ranking of your search engines. With the help of submission sites, you can improve your site's rank and generate organic website traffic. If we talk about off-page SEO, then link building is an integral part of it.

With the help of pdf submission sites, we can create hundreds of high-quality backlinks. As an example, we send pdf to 20 file-hosting sites. It also gets a backlink, which also boosts the domain authority.

What is a PDF file?

What is meant by PDF file?
What is a PDF file used for?
what- is- a-pdf- file- for-?

What is a PDF file?

PDF stands for "portable document format."Adobe created PDF in 1990 to make it easier for people to read or write documents on any operating system or machine.". A PDF contains text, images, hyperlinks, and video.

How to get backlinks from pdf file?

High-quality backlinks are vital in digital marketing. Search engines increase your site's domain authority for useful backlinks. PDF submission websites are an essential part of page SEO.

pdf submission sites
Top 10 pdf submission sites 2020 

Necessary steps to create a PDF document


 If you want to create a PDF in Word, first open Word, and open a blank document in it. See the picture to understand.
pdf submission sites

 how to create a PDF document

2- write your complete article in Word  

pdf submission sites

how to create a PDF document-2

3- Create a hyperlink to create a hyperlink for your post or artic. Drag the cursor on your main keyword and when it is shown blue, click on the hyperlink icon in the upper see image.
pdf submission sites

how to create a PDF document-3

4-  Now click on the Microsoft word icon and save the file as XPS; see image for detail
pdf submission sites
pdf submission sites
5- your pdf is ready now. If you want to convert your XPS file to pdf, search XPS to pdf in google .now convert your XPS file into pdf easily.
Benefits of pdf file-sharing sites:
pdf submission sites
Benefits of pdf file-sharing sites

1- Get free traffic for a blog or videos.
2- Get backlinks from High DA PA sites
3- Increases the domain authority of your site.
4- It's easy to get your site ranked.
Top 10 pdf submission sites list 

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