how to add meta tags in blogger best on-page SEO


how to add meta tags in blogger

Your Web Site ranks well in the Google Search engine you need to do on-page SEO for your blog. Meta tags are significant in on-page SEO. There are only tags and keywords that tell search engines about the content of your blog. In the present article, I'll say that you can Boost meta tags to your blogger website.

Edit blog template see pic 

1-First go to theme

2-backup your theme

3-Go to edit HTML

4-Click anywhere in the Template code, and then hunt for the next code ( CTRL+F )


5 Add this code just below it.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>

<meta content='Add Your Blog Description Here' name='description'/>


<meta content='Add Keywords Here eg:Blogger,Templates' name='keywords'/>

<meta content='Add Your Name Here' name='author'/>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName' name='Description'/>


6-Just add it to Your Own Site, Click the layout option then click Edit HTML option and Then Paste the code Only below

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Embed YouTube Video in Gmail


Embed YouTube Video in Gmail

Email marketing has been the first choice of online marketers since day one. A marketer who is aware of its benefits cannot go beyond this format of advertising.

A marketer has to send thousands of emails a day to the people in their niche regularly, for which most marketers choose the appropriate and reliable Google service "Gmail."Many marketers embed YouTube videos in their videos to increase the clickthrough rate and A and engagement of their mail. According to research, by doing so, your mail attracts 60% more customers.

You can easily do and manage online business anywhere in the world. Market or advertise your Expert Services.

Fiverr, Upwork, YouTube, Bing are examples that no marketer can even think of ignoring, and it is a powerful source of marketing. You may promote your goods on YouTube.

Many marketers embed YouTube videos in their videos to increase the clickthrough rate and A and engagement of their mail. According to research, by doing so, your mail attracts 60% more customers.

How to Embed YouTube Video in Gmail

Here are four things you need to do to embed a YouTube video in Gmail

1- Gmail account

2- YouTube video(video on youtube or outside the youtube channel)

3-Still image taken from video

4- Canva account 

Embed YouTube Video in Gmail

Open YouTube and Gmail in two different tabs in any browser and log in to both accounts. Go to the compose section of your Gmail and enter the ID of the person you want to mail. Examine the Image to Learn and follow all steps.

Now login to both your YouTube and Gmail accounts. This is the first and most important step to embed the video. Then take a screenshot of the video, upload it to Canoe, and then edit the screenshot as described in the video tutorial.

. Then edit the image uploaded to the canvas as described in the video tutorial below. 

There's an ideal way to become professional with your advertising and keep the customers content. Continue reading for some fantastic etiquette strategies for your email marketing approaches. Make all emails as private as possible. Much like additional marketing kinds, individuals who obtain these may get more out of you personally whenever they believe they understand you.

By way of instance, if you're mindful of the client signed up to get your mails at the first position, that's on your message. It might be helpful if you made sure that everything in the mail is accurate. It's also wise to examine the designs of your mails to be sure everything shows up correctly.

Furthermore, should you include links inside your message, be sure that they aren't broken. Use several different tools to find out everything that you can about email advertising.

You might discover lots of publications in libraries and online. It would be beneficial if you checked into entering a

course or assignments in town for related regional Particulars

 . Always get permission before calling any client via email. You might also violate your ISP coverage when sending emails to customers who didn't need to get them. Prevent sending your email advertising messages too near significant holidays. Folks are away from doing things instead of sitting in their workplaces and offices or preoccupied with other things.

There'll always be exceptions to the rule--those emails about Black Friday specials or alternative vacation sales your business might be needing. Use as few Pictures as You Can on Your email Marketing applications. As a result of this, it is vital to take a little time and generate a template that allows you to place your colors, fonts, colors, and logos, which you employ on all your marketing and advertising materials. This boosts brand awareness among your viewers.

You wish to be sure you're using a consistent, together with your email advertising program. It is critical to be constant, or your occupation is not useless. Bear in mind that lots of men and women rely on cellular devices and smartphones increasingly more and more daily, and they can be getting your emails on such things.

Discover how your messages appear on those devices and are confident the mails will be read on all displays. Make the most of preheaders and earn email previewers by producing attention-grabbing preheader fabric. Gmail and other email clients exhibit this type of text immediately after the topic to catch the reader's interest.

Do not add people's email address for a mailing list without obtaining permission. You will run the danger of being barred in the email supplier to forbid you from dividing their coverage up regarding spam. It's possible to do Far More than Just Using the receiver's Title into a generic message.

Use every bit of data that you have in your readers to offer you. You might decide to incorporate a subscription form on your website, completely voluntary readers only by creating the choice to register sensibly on your site.

Always proofread each email before sending them. Alt tags can replace pictures which are not permitted or will not load.

You can use a multi-part material to strategy several subjects to make sure that everything is accounted for. It is possible to follow up with your clients by sending a voucher for future purchases. Make specific a connection which enables customers to look at the coupon. Provide your client a good illustration or two of the prospective savings within their buy.

Have folks double-check and affirm that their email once subscribing to your mailings. A lot of people form in an email address immediately and earn a typo without understanding it. Having them affirm their email address double lowers the odds of those errors. Attempt to maintain your email subject lines across 60 characters.

Many email programs can truncate topics for this span. Other email clients won't have the ability to display more than that. Irrespective of why it is vital, your contributor will probably only need 60 personalities to earn a quick decision on studying your message or deleting it. Should you keep tabs on your subscriber's birthdays, then utilize it to deliver a birthday for your readers.

Setup so delighted birthday mails have been sent per day or two before the particular moment. One way business owners may create their email advertising effort is to construct a list. This usually means you ought to avoid purchasing some arbitrary email list as it may not include consumers interested in your business.

Make confident your mails have more info than basic earnings and calls for action. Your postings ought to read as a newsletter providing substantial pieces of info regarding your small business. Though your newsletters' purpose is to market goods, your readers need advantages of their very own to keep providing you their focus.

Now you understand that using good etiquette on your email advertising is vital for promoting a business enterprise. This will cut the odds of your customers unsubscribing for your messages. Utilize this article's guidance to make clients contented.

How To Improve Your Video SEO in better way


How To Improve Your Video SEO in better way


How To Improve Your Video SEO

Video SEOVideo SEO

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is done in two ways

2: Channel SEO

: Video SEO

2: Channel SEO

But first of all you have to do SEO of your YouTube channel so that your channel can be found in search, if you don't then your channel will never reach people. It will be very useful for those who have just created or want to create their own channel, this post will also be very useful for those who want to grow their channel because it is three years of my personal life. Experience.

Those who already have channels will not need to create new ones, but those who want to create one can watch various videos on YouTube about creating channels.

Suppose you have just created your channel, then you are having a hard time naming, for which you can choose a name that is already in search, if you do not want to, you can name it.

Friends channel SEO comes in two forms

2: About

: Channel tags

About the channel,

You must first choose the name of your channel and then enter all the details about the channel

Friends, subsequently you definitely are going to need to utilize just two to three tags into yourTitle, then write the Discreption and utilize on your name tags, societal networking links and hash tags.

: Channel tags

In channel tags you have to name your channel first then you have to use tags that are low competition and also in high search so that your channel can be brought in search. Remember to use only tags that are similar to your topic when giving tags. For example

Top Trending News, Trending News of Pakistan, Pakistan Latest News, Daily News, News Live, Documentary in Urdu, News in Urdu

: Video SEO

There are two types of video SEO.

*: On-page SEO

2: Off Page SEO

*: On-page SEO

Today in Page SEO you use the things that are provided to you on the YouTube platform for videos such as titles, tags, descriptions and so on.

2: Title

When choosing a title, you need to choose a title that is relevant to the video and has good keywords to ensure that people can access the video. There are three things to keep in mind when writing a title that make your video stand out, which is why YouTube also delivers your video to people.

: Pipe (|)

This line is called the pipe that we use to separate one keyword from another which is considered very important. Make sure to use it in your video.

: Brackets []

Make sure you use these brackets in your video. This makes the title of your video very different and looks good.

2: Keywords

The first keyword your friends want to target when writing your title is to use two to three more tags in your title.

You need to use tools to find keywords that can tell you the search volume so you can use that keyword.

2: Description

The biggest mistake we make when writing descriptions to friends is to fill our descriptions with keywords which is against the policy of YouTube which may suspend our channel.

In the first line of description you have to write your target keyword followed by a pause (Full Stop) which is the best way to write a description, then in the next sentence you use two to three keywords then Complete one paragraph of yours, remembering that the paragraph should not be more than two to three lines. Then copy and write your title and put the link of your video below it after which you will get the link of your channel. And social media links.

Then use the name of your channel and use three to five hashtags so that people can easily access the video. Friends, then at the end you write a copyright law and fair use disclaimer that friends need a disclaimer. Yes, he can message in my inbox.

Lastly, use keywords in a systematic way when referring to your video

: Tags

In tags you first have to name your channel after which you have to use tags that are low competition and also in high search so that your video can be brought in search. Remember to use only tags that are similar to your topic when giving tags. For example

Top Trending News, Trending News of Pakistan, Pakistan Latest News, Daily News, News Live, Documentary in Urdu, News in Urdu

Provide information in your video

Don't make the mistake of using a click byte title.

Click-byte headlines may sound like a good idea, but they will only negatively affect the growth of your channel. If people leave your video early, this YouTube algorithm indicates that your video is probably a click-byte title, which affects your search rankings.

Let headline analysts help you

CoSchedule is a headline analyzer tool that helps you review the title of your video and provide feedback as well as suggestions for improving your title.

Refine your old videos

Older videos that haven't brought you many YouTube views or YouTube subscribers can be re-edited by making changes to the video's metadata. You can specify which videos have the least number of YouTube views and write another title for that video to force it further and then see the results.

Make sure your titles and thumbnails are understood together

People usually decide whether or not they want to watch a video on YouTube based on the thumbnail and title, so make sure they realize it together and encourage viewers to click on the video. To be able to

Video tags

Video tags on YouTube are some words and phrases that help give the video context. With video tags, you can add up to 500 characters to the tags section, with a 30-character limit for tags. Here are the key tags to add to your video:

Basic keywords

LSI Keywords

Words describing video content

Brand and channel tags

Best practices

Make your first tag your target keyword

The tags that appear first are the most important, so make sure you have the exact target keywords as your first tag.

Combine this with broad and focused tags

Focused tags give YouTube a clear idea of ​​the title of your video, but broader tags are also necessary to provide context to your videos. If the key word in your video is "How to build a board", the focus tag will be related to it, but broad tags such as "exercise" and "fitness" will help give your video context.

Don't overdo it

The whole idea of ​​using tags is to make it easy to contextualize your video, so stick to 5-8 tags (broad and focused) that can give YouTube a clear idea of ​​your content. Excessive use of tags just for the sake of it is more harmful than good because it blurs the lines which makes it easier for YouTube to find out exactly what your content is about. Is.

Stick to 2-3 words on each tag

While this is not always possible, it has been found to stick to 2-3 words per tag to improve SEO for videos on YouTube. Tags that are too short cannot provide YouTube with enough information to identify your content, and tags that are too long can only lead to information loads and confusion.

Use the tools to create tags

Tools like TagTube and VidIQ Boost can help you find the right tags for your videos on YouTube. You have to type the basic keywords of your video and you will get a list of suggestions for your tags that you can use for your video.

Use long-tail keywords as tags

Long variations in your keywords add good tags that can help you get a better view of your video and help you get more YouTube views.

Make sure your tags are correct

Using celebrity names as tags to promote SEO can have the opposite effect, resulting in the removal of your video.

Use tags from popular videos

Tags not only promote SEO on YouTube, they also give you the opportunity to show your similarity with other popular content on the platform in the YouTube Recommended Videos section, so that you can use relevant popular Use tags from content. To increase the chances of your video appearing in the Tube Buddy Suggested Videos section.

Video description

Video description helps give you an idea of ​​the context of your video. You get 5000 XNUMX characters for a video description and while this can be a lot of space, you need to make the best use of it to boost your YouTube ranking and attract real YouTube users.

Best practices

Count the first 3 lines

If you want more YouTube feedback, you'll need to make the first 3 lines of your description count. Your YouTube subscribers will see "View More" before it appears. It will appear in the search results so make sure you include your keywords in these 3 lines, without going too far.

Maintain clarity

Make sure your description clearly confirms what the video is about and your YouTube subscribers

Video Transcript

Search engines need content to understand the content of a video and transcription generates metadata for itself. This makes it easier for search engines to understand the video. YouTube, Google search, Yahoo, Bing all Pay special attention to metadata. Make sure to use transcription in your video to improve video SEO.

Video Thumbnail:

Make your thumbnail extremely attractive and catchy so that no user is left without clicking on your thumbnail. This will increase the clickthrough rate of your video. see more check my post

On demand exciting Video Thumbnail growth secrets

check my other blog post for watch time ,video title ,video description ,targeting keywords click below

use of tripled keywords is essential in Video SEO